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Luke Haseler

The Private View

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Who, Where & When

The Art of Tailoring

The Art of Tailoring is an exhibition of artworks on the theme of tailoring.

Curated by:

Alice Cicolini and Richard Anderson


The exhibition will take place at 13 Savile Row, the home of Richard Anderson, Savile Row’s leading bespoke tailor.


The exhibition will commence on October 16th and will run until December 12th.
Open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Saturday.

The Artists:

Colin Self
Clive Barker
Fin Robinson
Catherine Jauslin
Luke Haseler
Sue Edwards
Fran Anderson
Phil Poynter
Rebecca Louise Law
Fred Seidel
Barry Kamen
Vic Reeves
Kristian Pohl
Erik Johnsen

The Brief:

Each of the artists has been given access to paper patterns, cloths and the tools of the trade but have been given complete freedom to interpret the theme in any way.

Press & Images:

Press Preview took place on October 16th 2014 – for more information contact us.

Contact Ben or Craig at Glazier Design for images.


For more information, contact Brian Lishak ( or call 020 7734 2221


Sponsored and hosted by Richard Anderson Ltd.


Copyright exists in all the artworks, images and text. Reproduction of any part without permission is prohibited.

Richard Anderson Ltd, 13 Savile Row, London W1S 3PH. 020 7734 0001